PPVTP In order to Facilitate Licensing and the Public Served Well

By : Dina Astria And Aldo Bella Putra | Thursday, March 01 2018 - 19:00 IWST

Sekretaris Jenderal Kementerian Pertanian, Hari Priyono (Foto Sok Industry.co.id)
Sekretaris Jenderal Kementerian Pertanian, Hari Priyono (Foto Sok Industry.co.id)

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta, Permata Plant Variety Licensing Center (PPVTP) organization is fit, enough, but it needs to be improved, it is function and capacity, PVT is not only a place to register but also how to brew the regulation in this industry, said the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Hari Priyono when giving a speech at the Coordination Meeting of Agricultural Plant Variety Protection Center that took place in Meeting Room of Building B, Lt. 1, Head Office of the Ministry of Agriculture (28/2/2018).

Hari added, in this industry to facilitate the permit then all matters related to public complaints should be reduced, but still have to maintain the principle thing, so that no principle should no longer complicated.

"Then how do we efficiently service systems that are able to accommodate multiple items at once and I agree if protection and release can be at once without having to reapply, for that online service as a must ," said Hari.

Meanwhile, Head of PPVTP Center conveyed "currently we are building one-stop licensing, it means that one application can get 3 things at once namely registration, protection and release of varieties," he said

Target PPVT until the end of March 2018 have all been using electronic systems.

On the same occasion, Inspector General of the Ministry of Agriculture Justan Riduan stated that although the electronic system has been implemented, disaster and recovery system (Backup Electricity and System) has been built by taking care of the SLA, but not by manual because system. Manual will be vulnerable to,”  said Justan

Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) continues to provide the best service for the community, according to the Minister of Agriculture "we are servants", he said in every meeting with the Ministry of Ministry.

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