DPR Asks Explanation of Changes in Nomenclature of Pertamina's Board of Directors

By : Hariyanto And Aldo Bella Putra | Friday, March 30 2018 - 17:00 IWST

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta - Members of Commission VI of the House of Representatives requested the Ministry of SOEs to postpone the implementation of the decree on the change of nomenclature of Pertamina's directors because it cannot be explained the urgency of the change, including the study that has been done.

"In fact, as a commission in charge of SOEs, Commission VI has the right to ask questions and get an explanation," said Deputy Chairman of Commission VI of House of Representatives Inas Nasrullah Zubir in a written statement obtained by Antara in Jakarta on Thursday (29/3/2018).

According to Inas, the Ministry of BUMN has not given a thorough explanation of the decree. "Until now we have not seen the study, we need to ask for an explanation, so as not to stutter when the community asked us," said Inas.

"The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises needs to explain comprehensively the changes in the nomenclature that can improve efficiency and how the study," he added.

SK-39 / MBU / 02/2018 contains about Termination, Change of Nomenclature of Position, and Transfer of Duties of Members of PT Pertamina's Board of Directors. In addition to the abolition of the position of Director of Gas, new nomenclature of PT Pertamina's board of directors is the addition of two new positions, namely Retail Marketing Director and Director of Logistics, Supply Chain, Infrastructure.

Member of Commission VI from the Golkar Party Lili Asdjudiredja assess Pertamina directors at this time so many in number, so it can create the impression of a waste.

In addition, Lili is also concerned about the interference of other parties in the change of the board of directors. Especially in the political year which is clearly more prone to deviations.

"Salt is a mafia, especially for a more strategic sector, so we want Pertamina's directors not to be easily replaced, because the change is prone to riding," said Lili.

Zulfan Lindan of the Nasdem Faction also criticized the change of nomenclature. The reason is that the change of directors has the potential to split Pertamina's focus and even have the potential to create internal divisions.

"The government should create conditions so that the entire range of Pertamina from the directors to the bottom of the compact," said Zulfan.

The Ministry of SOEs, Zulfan added, should protect and provide good input to SOEs. With pengayoman, it is expected that state-owned companies such as Pertamina can be more advanced and compete with international oil and gas companies.

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