Optimization of Alsintan, Minister of Agriculture: Permanent Solution to Increase the Income of Pre-Prosperous People

By : Wiyanto Dan Aldo Bella Putra | Wednesday, May 23 2018 - 20:30 IWST

Mentan Amran Andi Sulaiman mencoba traktor sawah.
Mentan Amran Andi Sulaiman mencoba traktor sawah.

INDUSTRY.co.id - Bondowoso - Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman, states, many benefits derived from the use of agricultural machinery (alsintan)., One of them reduce production costs.

"Suppressing production cost 40 percent, the usual (cost) of manual harvest is Rp 2 million per hectare, with technology only Rp 1 million," he said when reviewing the location of optimization of utilization of alsintan in Tenggarang Village, Tenggarang Subdistrict, Bondowoso, East Java, Tuesday / 5/2018).

Depreciation of crops (losses) by 10 percent can be "pulled back". That was useless in the field, we can take. The value is Rp 28 trillion, "he explained.

The Crops Index will increase. You see, since the process of land to harvest, the time is shorter. From the count of days to hours. "It can be planted three times a year, which means that the increase in farmers' income can triple," he said.

This Alsintan also encourage young people plunge into the agricultural sector. You see, the mechanization of agriculture changed his views about farming. "Once the peasants (called) poor, slum, now prosperous," he said.

"He can land, plant, harvest while his girlfriend phone. It changed the mindset," continued Amran.

Moreover, the income from renting services alsintan quite tempting. Approximately Rp 3 million - Rp 4 million per day. "A month of Rp 90 million, double the salary of the minister, the young generation will," he said confidently.

By maximizing innovation, said Amran, Indonesia can be self-sufficient and export a number of commodities to foreign countries. "So, agriculture can be a permanent solution for our brothers who are still underprivileged," he concluded.

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