HOKI Continues to Strengthen Business Sustainability

By : Nata Kesuma | Saturday, February 26 2022 - 19:10 IWST

PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (“HOKI”)
PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (“HOKI”)

INDUSTRY.co.id - Jakarta, February 25, 2022 – PT Buyung Poetra Sembada Tbk (“HOKI”), a Public Company which produces quality rice products under the “Topi Koki” and “HOKI” brands, continues to strengthen its business sustainability by utilizing the by- product of the rice mill production.

Through this effort, HOKI also contributes to environmental conservation, as HOKI is enthusiastic to welcome the carbon taxes era. As a Company that cares about the environment, HOKI was also invited to the ‘ProPakTani’ Webinar on February 24, 2022, from the Ministry of Agriculture with the theme “Utilizing Rice Milling By-products to Support Agro-Industry Systems & Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions”.

Budiman Susilo as Director of HOKI, in the ProPakTani Webinar, said, “We are pleased to be able to share our experiences with the community regarding the utilization of by-products from our rice production process with a focus on environmental preservation at the ProPakTani Webinar. We have made various efforts for the business sustainability. This is because we are very concerned about the by-products of HOKI production so that they can benefit the surrounding environment. It is expected that we can continue to strengthen the business sustainability to continue to take care of the environment.”

The efforts made by HOKI in utilizing by- products, namely managing rice husk by- products by building a Rice Husk Fueled Power Plant in Palembang, South Sumatra. The HOKI Rice Husk Power Plant has a capacity of 3 (three) megawatt (MW) of electricity and is one of the first in Indonesia.

Not only that, HOKI also makes a press machine for the by-product of rice husk into pellets at the Subang Factory, West Java. These pellets are also sold to cement factories as fuel. Utilizing other by-products, HOKI also produces rice bran flour to be used as an ingredient in various products such as animal feed mixtures, fertilizer, and egg mats.

These efforts are made by HOKI to utilize the by-products which are expected to preserve the environment and improve HOKI’s performance.

Budiman added, “HOKI’s efforts to continue to strengthen the business sustainability also contribute to the achievement of the fulfillment of several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely clean water & sanitation, sustainable cities & communities, responsible consumption & production, climate action, as well as protecting ecosystems on land.”

Along with its efforts to encourage business sustainability, HOKI also continues to strive to improve performance, one of which is through its subsidiary PT Hoki Distribusi Niaga (HDN). At the end of 2021, HDN introduced two new products, namely corn rice and cassava rice. “The existence of these new products also shows that HOKI is not only concerned about the environment, but also cares about the health and quality products. In the future, HOKI will continue to be committed to innovating to make quality products and continue to strengthen businesses sustainability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” concluded Budiman.

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