Suami Untuk Mak Movie, is the Reunion of Rano Karno & Lidya Kandouw

By : Amazon Dalimunthe And Aldi Firhand A | Thursday, September 14 2017 - 22:43 IWST

Rano Karno and Lidya Kandouw Reunited in the movie "Husband To Mak"
Rano Karno and Lidya Kandouw Reunited in the movie "Husband To Mak" -Two actors who had dominated teen films in the 80s, Rano Karno and Lidya Kandouw, after 30 years reunited in the movie Suami Untuk Mak production CMI Pictures in collaboration with Moviesta. The film, which will be released on September 20th, has a comedy-drama genre that also stars comedians such as Billy Syahputra, Edric Tjandra, Bedu, Raim Laode, Chika Waode and other artists.

Suami Untuk Mak tells the story of the life of a mother named Sarah who lives with her five children. Sarah is played by Lydia Kandou is told to have married five times. Sarah's five husbands who died from the particular incident came from different ethnic and tribal backgrounds, ranging from Chinese, Javanese, Sundanese, Betawi, and Bajo.

 "This story begins with my life experience as a manager of several different artists with different backgrounds. How does one person take care of his children with different characters and tribes, "said Vera Zanobia Sukari or familiarly called Mak Vera.

Mak Vera convey, the film has a moral message content for young people. The message is reminiscent of how a mother's struggle in caring for her children despite living alone. "There is some clear dialogue to mention that please do not like to fight against parents. Because the old man is a talisman for his children, "said Vera again.

Regarding the reason why he chose the comedy drama genre for this first production film, Vera continued, is because life it must be faced also with a smile. "The romance between Arman, played by Rano Karno and Sarah, played by Lidya Kandouw, is a drama. Because the audience had made tearful tear first. But the process of going to the drama is comedy. That is the children of Sarah who played by 5 comedians. So this is a decent movie to be watched by the whole family, "said Vera Promotion.

The film, directed by Joshua Rocky, is scheduled to air in theaters from September 20, 2017 throughout Indonesia.

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