Support E-commerce, J & T Express Hold Roadshow in 24 Cities for Online Businessmen

By : Ahmad Fadli And Aldi Firhand. A | Wednesday, February 14 2018 - 21:58 IWST

J&T Express
J&T Express - Jakarta - A logistics service provider, J & T Express, held a roadshow for e-commerce players in 24 cities across Indonesia, where each month is held in two different cities with a capacity of about 400 people per city.

"We look to start and promote online business requires several aspects such as from aspects of promotion, business development, to the delivery service used. Our expectation of this education can be a provision that can be applied to the online business of the participants, "said J & T Express CEO Robin Lo in a press release on Wednesday 14 February 2018

Based on information from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the purchasing power of Indonesian people is still strengthening there is just a shift from offline shopping to online. This is why many businesses are beginning to switch to open online stores but do not quite understand how to grow business in the digital age.

"This activity we undertake to help businessmen or business candidates in order to expand the wings digitally. Therefore, along with J & T Express, we educate online businesspeople to better recognize the online realm and their sales can go up significantly. Our target this year as many as 8,000 participants who attended from those who have not started a business or who have been doing business ", said CEO of Alona Indonesia Raya Rico Huang.

Until now roadshow has been held in the city of Jakarta, Bekasi, Bandung, and Depok. This activity will continue to run parallel in the city of Jogjakarta, Tangerang, Palembang, Bogor, Medan, Sidoarjo, Semarang, Malang, Surabaya, Surakarta, Pontianak, Denpasar, Gresik, Kediri, Purwokerto, Riau and Makassar will end in December 2018.

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