KPAI Urges Social Office to Protect Street Children

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Sunday, February 18 2018 - 20:00 IWST

Ilustrasi Eksploitasi Anak (Ist)
Ilustrasi Eksploitasi Anak (Ist) - Jakarta - The Indonesian Child Protection Commission asks Social Services to protect, rehabilitate and fulfill the civil rights of exploited children on the streets.

KPAI Commissioner for Trafficking and Exploitation of Children, Ai Maryati Sholihah, in Jakarta, yesterday said this in response to the circulation of videos of children who exploited his parents in Jakarta by bringing him begging in the street.

"The hope is that Jakarta is completely free from the exploitative practices, whoever it is, is not justified and for any reason to survive. This is our long work to be able to convey information and socialization to all levels of society" said Ai.

Based on his search, U (11 months) the child in the video is always taken by his parents who daily work as a street singer.

By bringing U, Ai said, their income increased many times over.

"Not only U, there are three children, some are 6, 8, and a 16 year old adopted child with street life, singing and moving," she said as quoted by Antara.

Ai does not deny that when viewed holistically, the factor of poverty is the reason his parents behave like that.

Moreover, this family entered the category of vulnerable social welfare and has no access to anything like family cards and others.

But this, he said, cannot be an excuse because in the Law on Child Protection anyone is prohibited from exploitation.

"Especially the parents themselves, because this form of criminal action," he said.

Nowadays it is known the result of singing from his parents is only spent for their daily needs and there is no enrichment and other criminal use.

KPAI asks the police to ascertain whether the child is consuming addictive substances and others, such as news circulating in social media.

"If we have to get medical recovery, we still have to do the examination," he said.

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