Amin Rais Supports the Expectation of Presidential Conventions SOLUSI UI Generates Qualified Nation Leaders

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Friday, March 30 2018 - 14:00 IWST

Prof Dr Mohammad Amin Rais (Foto Dok
Prof Dr Mohammad Amin Rais (Foto Dok - Jakarta - Former Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI) Prof. Dr. Mohammad Amin Rais, supports the plan of a community of Muslim alumni of Universitas Indonesia joined in SOLUSI UI (Solidaritas Muslim Alumni Universitas Indonesia) to hold the Presidential Candidate Convention and Vice Presidential Candidate 2019. Amin Expects the Convention to produce leaders of intelligent, quality and noble national leaders to multiply the choice of candidates for eligible leaders and political parties in Capreskan.

"I welcome the steps taken by the SOLUSI UI Board of Directors to find the best sons and daughters of the nation who are eligible to become Capres or Vice President," said the former chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly, Mohammad Amin Rais, in a discussion with the SOLUSI UI board led by Sabrun Jamil, at the residence of Amin Rais in Gandaria area of ​​South Jakarta yesterday. Attending the meeting were Secretary General of SOLUSI UI Eman Sulaeman Nasim, and SOLUSI UI board members, among others Chandra Tirtawijaya, Ahmad Ghufron, Feisal Syahmenan, Nyai Shanti Dewi, Andi kosala, Suparlan and Ahmad Fitrianto.

According to Sabrun Jamil, the organization he leads in the near future will hold the Presidential Candidate Convention and Vice President of UI's accrediters and alumni. Prior to the convention it will open an open poll that can be followed by all UI alumni, to give an opportunity to UI alumni society who are the academics and politicians and bureaucrats of UI alumni who are eligible to be selected to lead the nation and state of the Republic of Indonesia during the period 2019-2024.

"The main criteria of UI alumni that we will encourage to be chosen as the leaders of the nation are devoted to Allah SWT, free from various actions and indications of corruption and other criminal acts, experienced in central government or active in national level politics," said Chairman Sabrun Jamil .

According to Amin Rais, good intentions Alumni organizations such as SOLUSI UI chose the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, sometimes much more objective and qualified. Because UI Solutions are not affiliated and are not held hostage by the interests of any Political Parties.

"Sometimes such thoughts and steps are more objective and weighty because they are far from practical and pragmatic political interests," said former Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Executive M. Amien Rais.

Amin Rais hopes that the chosen and selected people of SOLUSI UI are the ones who always stick with and use the Qur and Hadith in their daily life. Because people who use the Qur an and Hadith as a guideline of his life more loves the nation and state so that when leading the nation and state of the Republic of Indonesia is law-abiding and will not do acts that harm the people and the state both short and long term.

According to Amin Rais, currently the Nation and the State of Indonesia need a leader who really can bring the nation and the Republic of Indonesia out of various crises. It can also protect the interests of the people and the state of Indonesia along with its valuable assets from the disruption and annexation of other countries whether done secretly or in an open light. In addition, leaders and prospective leaders of the nation and state are not concerned with imaging. But it really works for the interests and the future of the nation and country.

"I am very sure, such figures are on major campuses like UI and other universities," said Amin Rais.

In the same place Secretary General SOLUSI UI Eman Sulaeman Nasim explained, the plan of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidacy SOLUSI UI will be held in mid or late April 2018 in Jakarta. Of the many figures UI alumni who has been adorned the world of politics and bureaucracy in Indonesia and is considered to have the potential to bring Indonesia to a better direction so deserve to be encouraged to become President or Vice President candidates, among others, Chairman of Yusril Ihza Star Month Party Mahendra, Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Fadli Zon, Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Fahri Hamzah, Head of the Secretariat of President Moeldoko, Chairman of the DPP PKS who is also a member of the House of Representatives of Ustadz Al Muzamil Yusuf and Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Puan Maharani, and Muslim women's activist Fahira Idris.

"Besides, there are still names like Prof. Dr. Eko Prasojo, former deputy minister who now serves as the Dean of FIA UI, ILUNI UI Head Arief Budhy Hardono, also Presidential Candidate of DPP Prosperous Justice Party Dr. Mardani Ali Sera who successfully deliver Anies Sandi become Governor and Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta," said Eman Sulaeman Nasim.

Further Eman Sulaeman Nasim explains the names of UI alumni who came out and considered appropriate to be the Presidential Candidate and Vice President of SOLUSI UI will be presented to the leaders of Political Parties who have seats in the House of Representatives. To be nominated or considered to be a candidate or vice president. Either paired with Petahana Joko Widodo, or Prabowo Subianto or the third axis.

"Our goal is to provide an alternative leader who has integrity and leadership that people love. About the choice, we submit first to the top political party owners of seats in the House of Representatives. Because without the support of Political Parties to the seats of the House of Representatives, in accordance with the election law we cannot nominate someone so as Presidential Candidate or Vice President. Secondly, leave it to the Indonesian People as the owner of the voice and owner of this country. Who deserves to be elected president and vice president," said UI lecturer and Institute STIAMI this.

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