Synergy of Poverty Reduction Program, Kementan-BKKBN Immediate MoU

By : Wiyanto Dan Aldo Bella Putra | Thursday, April 05 2018 - 15:00 IWST

Sekjen Kementan Syukur Iwantoro (Foto Dok Industry.coid)
Sekjen Kementan Syukur Iwantoro (Foto Dok Industry.coid) - Jakarta - Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Syukur Iwantoro received a visit from the Deputy of Training, Research and Development of BKKBN, Prof. Muhammad Rizal Martua Damanik at Ministry of Agriculture Head Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (4/4/2018). Present at this meeting was Head of Food Security Agency, Agung Hendriadi.

At the meeting, Prof. Rizal said BKKBN has a Family Planning Village (KB) program whose existence is to embody the Nawacita Program namely poverty alleviation. The presence of Kampong KB in every province to solve the problem of malnutrition and family health.

"If these two things are resolved, then poverty can be suppressed and even resolved," he said.

Because of that, Prof. Rizal stressed the need for synergies between Ministry of Agriculture and BKKBN because the KB Kampung Program is prioritized for densely populated and poor villages. Villagers are of course mostly farmers.

"So, with the help of Ministry of Agriculture such as papaya seedlings, poultry, and other commodities, Kampung KB with universities will accompany the community for cultivation to succeed and process them to produce food of high nutritional value," he said.

"Not until there, in Kampung KB communities are also trained to produce food processed economic value for the family. If this is the way, the poverty problem can be suppressed a lot," he added.

Related to this, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Gratitude Iwantoro welcomed positively and wanted to immediately hold a MoU between the Minister of Agriculture with the Head of BKKBN. The reason, the Kampung KB Program is in line and strongly supports the current Ministry of Ministry's priority programs in poverty alleviation.

"We are focusing on poor families and poor nutrition. We need poor family data. Ministry of Agriculture will provide all the help to support Kampung KB program in improving family nutrition and family income, "he said.

In poverty eradication program, Ministry of Agriculture will focus first in Java Island (West Java, Central Java and Banten) because the population in this area is very crowded and the poor are still many in remote areas. After that will go to the island of Sulawesi, Sumatra and all of eastern Indonesia.

"This should be immediately concrete. For that we may soon make a MoU between the Minister and the Head of BKKBN," he said.

Head of the Food Security Agency, Agung Hendriadi also assessed the synergy of Kementan with BKKBN is very important. Because, food security programs require data on the number of malnutrition community.

"Currently we are building a food security program in Gorontalo. The goal is that the community is met food supply and nutrition. Synergy Kementan-BKKBN later very helpful also succeeds program 1000 family of bad nutrition village. This should be done as soon as possible," said Agung.

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