Apply Cold Chain System to Quality Meat

By : Wiyanto Dan Aldo Bella Putra | Monday, April 09 2018 - 16:00 IWST

Terapkan Sistem Rantai Dingin Untuk Daging Berkualitas (Foto Dok
Terapkan Sistem Rantai Dingin Untuk Daging Berkualitas (Foto Dok - Jakarta - Animal products are one of the richest protein sources of food needed to build a healthy and intelligent society. However, food products of animal origin constitute one product that is categorized as perishable food and potentially bring danger to the consumer's health (potentially hazardous).

The International Animal Health Organization (OIE) and the FAO say there are at least 250 types of diseases in animals that can be transmitted through the consumption of food of animal origin either directly or indirectly.

Syamsul Ma'arif Director of Veterinary Public Health Directorate General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health of the Ministry of Petroleum said, animal products of animal origin other than must be considered availability, also must be handled properly to be useful and guaranteed healthy and safe for consumption.

"This is in line with the spirit of the Government in the effort to achieve food resilience and independence, especially animal food products in Indonesia," said Syamsul Ma'arif during the National Seminar "Cold Chain System Making Frozen Meat Safe, Healthy, Whole and Halal (ASUH) to be consumed Society "organized by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs on March 29, 2018, in Bogor.

Also attending the seminar were Vice Mayor of Bogor, representatives from the Ministry of Trade, business associations, PKK activator forums, and Dinas Daerah.

On the occasion, Syamsul Ma'arif mentioned, the need for animal product consumption is increasing along with the increase of population growth and public income, so it becomes the responsibility of government and business actors to be able to guarantee the availability of supply and distribution of products nationwide.

He explained, considering the production areas in Indonesia are concentrated in the Java region, so that intervention required for animal products that are circulated awake quality and safety (food safety). "From the start of production until ready to be consumed by the community (farm to table) must be kept safe," he said.

According to him, the government is continuously working to encourage the awareness of relevant stakeholders to continue to support the implementation of cold chain system (cold chain system) in the supply of animal products can be continuously applied. "Cold Chain System is certainly also to keep the meat supply to remain nationally stable," he said.

Furthermore he conveyed, Directorate General of PKH in the year 2014 has conducted a review Food Security Program cooperation with the Dutch Government. The study was also undertaken in collaboration with experts at the College to identify the various factors that could be a key in the application of cold chains of animal products, specifically for poultry products needed in Jakarta. This is also in order to support the implementation of the Provincial Government of DKI. 4 of 2007 related to the prohibition of poultry slaughter in residential areas.

Syamsul said, from the results of the study identified that the choice of society in general has not been demanding toward a safe product as the main choice. "Some people still think that the price and ease of access in obtaining the product is the motive in buying poultry meat products.

In general, people in Jakarta Capital City argue that frozen products have a quality that is not as good as fresh products. "So far, people often misunderstand if fresh meat is more assured quality than frozen meat, but if fresh meat is not immediately processed, and then the potential for microbial contamination that makes meat unhealthy and safe," said Syamsul Ma'arif.

He further explained, microbiologically, the bacteria will grow well at room temperature and develop twice in every 20 minutes. For that reason Syamsul argues, campaign to the community is needed consistently so that people can receive frozen / cold meat for consumption, so they get their right in obtaining safe and healthy food.

Syamsul Ma'arif also explained that the government continues to make efforts to balance the supply-demand of food based on Regulation of the Minister of Agriculture No. 32 of 2017 on the Supply, Distribution and Supervision of Chicken Meat and Eggs, and Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 20 of 2018 Second Amendment Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 59 / M-Dag / Per / 8/2016 Concerning Provisions on the Export and Import of Animals and Veterinary Products.

He said the two regulations govern the implementation of cold chain as a post-harvest handling of beef and chicken meat which includes the use of cold storage. "Frozen meat storage is expected to be a buffer stock to balance the supply of meat demand," he said.

"We expect a harmonization of understanding on all parties, both Government (related to security motivation & stability), Consumer (related to price and ease of access / availability), and Business Actor (related to business certainty), so that the approach strategy by involving all sectors can be more effective support the effort," he concluded.

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