Benih Bawang Putih dari India dan Mesir Have Good Growth

By : Wiyanto Dan Aldo Bella Putra | Friday, April 27 2018 - 19:00 IWST

Pertumbuhan Benih Bawang Putih dari India dan Mesir Bagus (Foto Dok
Pertumbuhan Benih Bawang Putih dari India dan Mesir Bagus (Foto Dok - Slawi - Policy Minister of Agriculture Andi Amran Sulaiman declares garlic self-sufficiency in 2021, designed comprehensively covering upstream to downstream. In order to achieve self-sufficiency, the need for planting area in 2021 is 78,500 hectares, of which 13,500 hectares for seed, and the rest is consumed.

The planting plan in 2018 of 15 thousand hectares requires a lot of seeds, besides being supplied from local seeds, some are obtained from other countries according to Suwandi, Director General of Horticulture, Ministry of Agriculture, while visiting the seed demonstration pilot in Tegal on Friday (27/4 / 2018).

Suwandi further said that this time has been tested DNA and is testing the seed demplot of Taiwan, India and Egypt planted in Temanggung, East Lombok, Tegal and others. Last week while visiting Temanggung, the result is suitable and growing tubers.

Ohh yes there is another one that is suitable that is from Yunnan, China, but now still in the process of testing first, he said.

Head of Agriculture and Food Security Agency of Tegal Regency, Khofifah explained that the trial of garlic demplot in Tegal is intensively monitored from IPB, Balitsa Research Institute and Directorate General of Horticulture. Testing garlic clown from India and Egypt as many as three varieties of Baladi and Sids 40 / Seed 40 from Egypt and 1 variety from India.

Demplot result is good, grow bulbs and suitable to be planted in Tegal. Location of trial in Tuwel village, Guci sub-district, Tegal regency by farmer group BERKAH TANI with group leader M. Maufur. The goal is to test the growing power, tubers and cloves so that later can be reproduced as a source of garlic seeds in Indonesia, said Khofifah.

Khofifah mentions based on the results of monitoring team IPB IPH Prof. Sobir, Dr. Balitsa. Joko Pinilih and Mrs. Nasrid together with Directorate General of Horticulture in the first detail, the seeds from India have been harvested at the age of 107 HST, producing tubers and beriung, medium size (2-3.5 cm) with small cloves size,

Second, Sids 40 varieties from Egypt, plant age at 97 HST fresh crop condition not yet harvest time, tubers are still relatively small and will increase, at the time of observation can produce medium tuber (3 cm) and bersiung with bigger clove size.

Thirdly, Baladi varieties from Egypt when the observation was 97 HST, fresh crop condition is not yet time to harvest, can produce tuber with bigger size (3,5 - 4 cm) and bersiung. The size of cloves is less uniformly small dominant.

Yes the results of discussions with experienced farmers, this Seed 40 varieties of Egyptians are more suitable to be planted in the dry season, less than the maximum in the rainy season, while for Baladi from Egypt and Indian varieties more resistant to high rainfall, proven results have not changed much compared to condition of onions before being planted, explains Khofifah.

Meanwhile, Director of Seed Horticulture, Sukarman explains the results of trials seen from the phenotype of planting, showing garlic Seed 40 similar to Sangga Sembalun Variety. While Baladi varieties from Egypt and from India are similar to White Lumbu Varieties.

In addition to the experimental test, at the same time DNA testing has been performed and the result that the Varietad Seed / Sids 40 from Egypt is not different from Sembalun Sembalun Variety, while Baladi and Indian varieties are different from White Lumbu, he explained.

In this regard, Sukarman assessed that the seeds of Egypt and India are not much different from the local seeds. Production of garlic from the results of this demonstration plot, the seeds will be planted again in the next season on a wider scale," he concluded.

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