The Affordable Cement Price Program, Ministry of SOEs Review Readiness of Cement Sale in Puncak Jaya and Wamena

By : Hariyanto And Aldi Firhand. A | Monday, August 14 2017 - 21:31 IWST

Marketing and Supply Chain Director of Cement Indonesia Ahyanizzaman reviewed the readiness of cement retail stores in Puncak Jaya and Wamena regencies.
Marketing and Supply Chain Director of Cement Indonesia Ahyanizzaman reviewed the readiness of cement retail stores in Puncak Jaya and Wamena regencies. - Puncak Jaya - As a follow-up to the readiness of logistics related to the cement program with affordable prices in Papua Province, the Ministry of SOEs reviews the retail shops in Puncak Jaya and Wamena districts.

The review was led by Deputy Minister of Mining, Strategic Industries and Media, Ministry of SOEs, Fajar Harry Sampurno. Also attending the review were Marketing and Supply Chain Cement Indonesia Director, Ahyanizzaman and PPI Commercial Director, Trisilo Ari Setiyawan.

Deputy Minister of Mining, Strategic Industry and Media, Ministry of SOEs, Fajar Harry Sampurno said, in principle the government wants all Indonesian people everywhere to get the same service. "To that end, the government continues to make policies to help mankind," said Fajar.

Meanwhile, Regent Puncak Jaya, Henock Ibo revealed, the high price of cement in Puncak Jaya which reached Rp 2 million per zak to make development inhibited.

"It can be seen that the buildings in Kota Mulia Puncak Jaya do not have high rise buildings such as those in other areas because of the high price of cement, so the construction of the building is from wood, including the building of local government office," he said.

Henock Ibo added that the need of cement for Puncak Jaya Regency in 2017 reached 2,000 tons per year, while projection in 2018 reached 3,600 tons per year. The highest absorption on government project projects reaches 3,000 tons, while 600 tons for public consumption.

"To get to Puncak Jaya Regency, the cement from Timika harbor to Wamena is transported by cargo plane, then the cement is distributed to Puncak Jaya using land transportation," he said.

Meanwhile, Director of Marketing and Supply Chain Cement Indonesia, Ahyanizzaman said, after doing a review to the retail stores in Puncak Jaya and Wamena in principle they are ready to sell cement in accordance with the Highest Retail Price (HET) that has been set.

"People can buy cement at an affordable price at the existing state-of-the-art store," he said.

While the initial delivery of Semen Tonasa from Makassar has reached the port of timika of 312 tons, then will be distributed to districts in the mountains.

In order to keep the condition well, zak is coated with plastic because of the high rainfall in the mountains. This is to keep not to arrive in frozen when reach the mountains and become stones. Therefore, the main enemy of cement is water.

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