Semen BatuRaja (SMBR) Books Rp1.55 Trillion Income

By : Herry Barus And Aldo Bella Putra | Friday, March 02 2018 - 23:00 IWST

Pabrik Semen Baturaja (Bm)
Pabrik Semen Baturaja (Bm) - Jakarta - Semen Baturaja (SMBR) in 2017 managed to book revenues of Rp1.55 trillion or grow 1.9 percent compared to 2016 amounting to Rp1, 52 trillion.

President Director of Semen Baturaja Rahmad Pribadi in Jakarta, Thursday (1/3/2018) through the information received by media crew, informed overall, the sales of SMBR cement reached 1,762,137 tons, an increase of eight percent compared to 2016.

Of the total sales volume of cement, there is 78,542 tons of cement which are not recorded as revenue which is trial production from Baturaja II Factory during the period of June-August 2017 before the commercialization of the factory on September 1, 2017.

If booked, the total revenue of SMBR becomes Rp1, 62 trillion and grew 6.4 percent compared to 2016.

Baturaja II Factory is the second integrated cement factory owned by SMBR with a cement production capacity of 1.85 million tons / year so that the total production capacity of cement owned by SMBR is currently 3.85 million tons / year.

As the new factory operates, SMBR continues to maintain its commitment to sustain growth by posting sales volume growth across the company's marketing areas in southern Sumatra.

In the company's main market, SMBR recorded sales volume in South Sumatra of 1,160,081 tons or grew 2.7 percent compared to 2016, while in Lampung; sales volume grew 11.3 percent to 472,812 tons.

For the secondary market area, SMBR booked an increase of cement sales in Jambi by 79.3 percent to 90,152 tons and Bengkulu by 36.6 percent to 36,897 tons. SMBR also began to enter and open the market area in Bangka Belitung since September of 2,195 tons until the end of 2017.

At the Annual General Meeting of Fiscal Year 2017, SMBR set a net profit of Rp146.6 billion with a dividend payout ratio of 25 percent with a total dividend of Rp36.7 billion.

Government as majority shareholder as much as 75.57 percent or receive Rp27, 68 billion, while public shareholders of 24.43 percent or receive Rp8, 94 billion. The remaining Rp.110 billion is designated as retained earnings.

In addition, the meeting also decided to authorize the board of commissioners to increase the issued and paid up capital related to the implementation of the MESOP Program.

The total allocation of MESOP is 162,320,400 pieces and in 2017 has been executed as many as 87,118,783 pieces with the implementation price of Rp.2.550 / sheet. The remaining 75,201,617 sheets can be executed in MESOP this year. The price of MESOP execution is determined by taking into account the prevailing provisions.

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