Prima Agro Tech Changes Land Former Mine to Become Productive Farming Area

By : Hariyanto And Aldo Bella Putra | Thursday, April 19 2018 - 14:00 IWST

Prima Agro Tech Sulap Lahan Bekas Tambang Jadi Areal Pertanian Produktif
Prima Agro Tech Sulap Lahan Bekas Tambang Jadi Areal Pertanian Produktif - Tapin - Not many would expect if the former mining area could be transformed into productive land and could produce corn harvest of 8 tons per hectare. This is evidenced in the event of corn harvest in a land area of ​​1.8 hectares conducted on Tuesday (17/04/2018) in the village of Tarungin, Hatungun Subdistrict, Tapin District, South Kalimantan, formerly a former coal mine.

As a result of mining activities conducted since 1995 and stopped in 2014, leaving the land with marginal soil conditions that are poor nutrients that can only be planted by annual crops and the rest left abandoned due to decreased soil productivity and barren conditions.

However, since 2017 the former mining land in Tarungin Village was transformed into a fertile corn field and ready to be harvested. The Agriculture Office of Tapin Regency and the Provincial Agriculture Office of South Kalimantan in cooperation with PT Prima Agro Tech succeeded in reclaiming the ex-mine's idle land again to be productive in order to generate profits.

Total mine land plot managed in Tarungin Village is 2 hectares consisting of corn, rice and soybean commodities. The cultivation of maize in the former mine with minimal soil systems (only the soil eruption by using hoes on the land to be planted) by applying environmentally friendly cultivation technology.

The inaugural harvest was packed with over 100 invitations and went lively. Appear to be present Official while representing Regent of Kab. Tapin, Drs. H. Gusti Syahyar. Enthusiasm was also seen from several local officials who were present, among others; Head of Agriculture Service Prov. South Kalimantan, H. Fathurahman, Head of Agriculture Service of Kab. Tapin, Wagimin, SP, MM, Head of Food Crops and Horticulture Service Prov. South Kalimantan, Djailani, Head of Food Crops and Horticulture District. Tapin, M. Rifki Hidayatullah SP., Representative of Dandim 1010 Rantau, Kapolsek Kecamatan Hatungun, Budiman,, Field Extension Officer (PPL), Official Observer of Plant Disturbing Organism (POPT) and dozens of farmers who are also curious to see the harvest of corn on the field the former mine.

The harvest begins with the removal of corn cob symbolically by the Official while representing the Regent of Tapin together with six representatives consisting of PT. Prima Agro Tech and 5 other agencies.

"The cultivation of maize maize is capable of producing 4.75 Ton / Ha of dry pipeline with a selling price of Rp 3,100, - net proceeds of up to 10 million rupiah. With a corn age of 4 months can produce a ratio of 2.56 so it is still profitable," said Wagimin.

He added that productive ex-mining land could support food self-sufficiency, re-green land, conserve germplasm and reduce erosion.

"Whatever we do this impact will be greater. We did not expect that this former mining land could work this way. We plan to expand the agricultural land on ex-mining land. The government is very supportive of ex-mining land reclamation activities and is willing to participate in facilitating farmers. Together with the Department of Agriculture we are looking for potential crops moreover that can be developed besides Rice, Corn, and Soybean," said Gusti Syahyar.

Provisional Officials representing District Heads Tapin added that the government is directing miners to land reclamation and reforestation. For farmers in the ex-mining land regardless of the production produced will be marketed because the producers are in need.

"Hopefully the income and welfare of farmers can increase, because that is the essence of agriculture, the management of former mining land into agricultural area becomes a challenge in itself, let alone the farmers here are used to mining activities," he said.

The successful harvest of maize on the former mine is inseparable from the restoration of marginal land utilizing the use of soil technology (humic acid), plant maintenance using endophytic biological fertilizer to the management of pests and diseases that use biological control agents in the cultivation area.

 "The show is good, I'm satisfied with the harvest. Maintenance on the former mine land is different from planting in regular land such as fertilization dose. Obstacles such as the beginning of the planting is very hard ground, ever also almost ten days there is no rain so the result is less than the maximum," said Hamsyi, farmers in ex mining land.

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